Please add more info to the profile message!

Hi devs!

Can you please add more info from to the mails sent via the profile page? Currently it’s just a link and that’s just odd to click it.

Please add information like

  • Purchased items (including amount)
  • Which type of license
  • Support expiration date

This will help making my support workflow running more smoothly



Can you please do this before March 1st?

I’ll give you 30% of all my extended support packages I sell in the future :smiley:

/cc @andrewfreeman, @KingDog, @natman

Hi revaxarts,

Thanks for the offer :wink:

Profile page messages is an area I definitely want to fix. I just can’t afford to even consider it right now because of a few high priority initiatives coming up. I’m hoping things will quite down in May/June so will re-address priorities then.

Thanks for the feedback.


Hey Andrew!

Thanks for the info! At least it’s on the todo list :slightly_smiling: