new record - 40 support tickets from a single buyer :)

Yay just cracked 40 support tickets from a single buyer. Ranging from bug reports to feature requests. Epic.

What is your current buyer-support record? What do other authors generally do with support-intensive buyers like this?

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oh wait I forgot about this guy - 84 - he’s nice though, pays me a little bit extra to handle his unique item requirements. takes up a bucket load of time supporting though.

Which support system did you using?


Using my own ticket system at the moment (check my best selling CodeCanyon item).

With some custom Envato code for API verification and what not. I wouldn’t recommend it for other Envato authors though :stuck_out_tongue: haha. much better options available now. I’m going to give the Zendesk API a good hit when I get some time, hopefully can port my current ticket features over to Zendesk.

Please… tell us more about these ticket features! :wink:

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I offer support via emails. My record currently are two customers with over 70 emails sent. One of funniest questions was when I released theme update, can I update theme on his server for him. :tired_face:

I think i have one :joy:

48 total support topic created
Replies created like rain :smiley: