Please a preview is required for my item

This is the second time to upload My Item
( Fuse Theme – Bootstrap design, White label theme for WoWonder v2.x.x )
the first time is rejected for one reason ( more size in padding left and login page not showing correctly and no more padding left anymore )
Now i’m solved the problem and pls can Support team approved of my item

Hi, you’ll have to upload the modified files to CodeCanyon again in order to be reviewed again.

To do this, you only have to edit the soft rejected item, as described here:

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thank you for reply
first / nothing in hidden_items

and my item still in Queued for Review

It does not look like your alignment, spacing, padding or margins are right esp on the gender and consent parts

So…what I need now to get approved ? Just fix gender filed?

So…what I need now to get approved ? Just fix gender filed or I need to fix anything else?

With respect (and it’s just my opinion which may be wrong) I owuld reconsider redesigning this entire landing page.

Without seeing the theme and what that looks like this design is filled with fundamental design flaws.

Just to name some of the issues

  • the top bar being too wide
  • icons not aligning to the fields
  • icons not correct for gender
  • mis aligned CAPTCHA
  • complete lack of hierarchy
  • poor padding and alignement in the consent field

thank you sir for your opinion charlie
i will fix all of this today in demo link and after get approved…i will made quickly patch update to fix the current version in codecanyon , because i need to watch the reviews of the users
But please can you approved this version for tonight !