Your item has been rejected-Please Help me

My product was rejected as a result of review yesterday.
The reason is that it does not meet the quality standards.
What should I do?
Related link is this:

Please check. Thanks.


If you submitted this demo in codecanyon then first thing you have to submit in themeforest in site template category.

With respect no premium design there. Besides this there:

  1. spacing and alignment
  2. typography & visual hierarchy
  3. Contrast
  4. line height
  5. responsive issues if I minimize the browser or from minimize to maximize full screen

issues exist. For getting approve you have to provide unique aesthetics design with best UI and have to put premium design. Please study more on trending themes on this market especially released within the last 12 months.


@mgscoder Thanks for the answer.
I’m going to check them one by one.
Kind Regards…