Can You Help To Apporoval my Item ?

This is My Product Interface:

I do not know why it is not approved. Do you have any comments?

We cannot say more seeing just a screenshot. If you elaborate we will try to give you best possible answers. Seems your design quality issue.

Thanks For Reply.

ok. Here Is Video:



Someone can tell which part does not look good and which part needs a better appearance?

What was the reason for your Item being declined? What did the reviewer said?

From your screen-shot I can see at least 3 levels of shadow for no apparent reason, also the “Download” and “Delete” buttons from your sidebar are insanely small. “Title”, “Duration” and “Creation” font sizes are small too. Think about people with bad vision, they’d have a hard time reading that. Buttons alignment is also an issue.

Try improving on this, if the reason of rejection was due to your UI.

Good luck.

.@codefir Thank you very much for guidance.I’ll do it.

here is reason:
We have completed our review of … we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again…

In this case, you cannot submit that Item again, the review team found the quality of it too low. You could probably resubmit it after major improvements, so if you plan on doing so, make sure you improve your product as a whole. Take your time, improve on features, typography and the overall look and feel of your app.


Today it was rejected again.

When I read the codecanyon guide section, I realized that the product should be designed to be easy editable for the buyer.
So I created this product in a simple way that anyone can easily edit css, html, php. If I want to be very professional, Someone can not easily edit it, for example, something like Angular js. this is very hard to editable.
If I make the professional product, then rejected because it can not be easily to edit.
I’m really confused.


My New Design Again Was Hard Rejected.