Pirates on Instagram music library?

Hi. It looks like someone has uploaded my tracks on Instagram music library.

Friend of mine found my track in a popular reel on Instagram. After a short investigation I have found that some of my tracks are available for free on the Instagram music library. People who want to use free music in their reels on Instagram can use this Instagram music library for free (it is available under the “musical” sticker in the app). My tracks has been used in +20.000 reels so far. Needless to say, I did not upload it to Instagram. The interesting thing is that my tracks have avatars, e.g. one of them has “Red Octopus vol. 9” (!).

I will contact Instagram, I will probably contact Identifyy too. Any ideas how to solve this? DMCA will block these +20.000 reels, I would prefer to have some cash instead of blocking.



Volume 9!! Ouch!
20 000 reels! The scope of this is scary.

It could be piracy, but it could also be one of those abusive ContentID (or in this case RightsManager) option, like they had for Youtube’s free music library and we had to opt out of.

Were you able to match any of these with your Identiffyy’s reports?

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I put my track on instagram and tiktok reels ! But I ask for it through distrokid ! So I don’t think it’s possible that someone stole your work and was able to put it on Instagram.

I think you should ask to your distributor ?

Also now Donp5 put some of our track in TikTok too, they have a deal and we are supposed to earn some bulks when our track are used !

20 000 reels is huge and also great result, I really hope for you this is not piracy because some money is earn with this number.

Seems like it has been uploaded via an agregator/ distributor like cdbaby. So someone has done that with your tracks. I think that’s the only way to do it.
How did you find out the number of reels?

Type your name on instagramm search bar, and choose the “music note” , then if you see your track, you just have to touch it, and you will see in how many video this is used

Also you have to know that instagram music use is limited at 10 tracks maximum, so each time you want release a new track with instagram trough distributor, the recent will appear while an older one will disappear.

Identifyy has a very vague Instagram reporting. Some of tracks visible in the report are not available on Instagram. I suppose tracks from the library are not scanned for the CID. That’s the idea of an on-boared library for Instagram I suppose.

Yep, I think the same.

Please explain this, I do not understand? Which license allows only 10 tracks max?

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My bad, I was keep to write while you were answering

Aaaah this explains why only 10.

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Yes, and also maybe, it could be a clue to help you in your investigation, if you see new one, it really mean someone play with your track at this time… :frowning:

Also I suggest you to dig a bit inside the instagramm video, look at the date, and see since how many time this is existing… Compare it to your “distributor” release maybe to see if it’s match.

I just dig a bit for you, for Happy Food & Cooking - oldest was about 40 weeks ago

Yep, but the most popular track I did not release via distributor :slight_smile:


Well good luck to manage to remove all of this, and also to have your money back :frowning_face:, let us know how it goes!

I wish you to find a solution !!! :crossed_fingers:


At least your name as author preserved. But this story is disgusting

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Man! Sorry to hear about this. Hope you get a resolution that you’re happy with. Keep us posted with the progress and your communications with Facebook Rights Manager.

FB/IG is just an all-round black box when it comes to music and royalties. It amazes me how musicians are faced with the ’take what you’re given’ attitude with these relatively new digital platforms. It’s the same everywhere. Nowhere, will you find any information about how much you stand to earn from IG reel plays when your music is used.

I distrokidded my first album to IG three years ago. So far, I’m on around a thousand reels, each with about an average of five thousand plays (although it varies a lot.) The most successful reel has 2.4M. Total earned so far? $0.31! I mean, they could at least use lube!

I digress.


Thank for your sharing !

I was interested by this new way to make expand our work outside stock so your number are really interesting and while I was not so optimistic about it the sharing and the cents earned are definitely… really bad :rofl:

I guess that the most important (but also the most hard to reach) is on how many reels and video you are in. I got a track which start to be used almost daily or weekly in reels on instagram, I reach like 1440 reels etc ! (Each week new reels since less than 2 / 3 months)

Luckily the 10 limitation is a good thing, so it means some few track will perform so if you choose it carefully as a promotional campaign or something to get some traffic to your other work why not ?

I still belive this is an interesting side income to dig , especially since P5 start to have a partnership with TikTok, I think unfortunately there’s some trend or train to take there, with not so much expectation and with some carefully chosen track !

All this video reels are not made only by potential customer, so in some way, iff it could help to get traction to our work, I don’t find it that bad ! Even if the system in itself is really bad obviously, but not worst than an other one, we are screwed everywhere now…

And obviously there’s no obligation to join, and you can opt out with your distributor.

The quick bad urgency, the most hard to soluce, the right now sad thing is what happen to @RedOctopus :pensive:

And if you are an exclusive author at AJ, you have to opt out.

Actually, given what you guys are saying about it, I don’t understand why anyone would want to have their music distributed (exploited) in this way.

If music authors keep accepting these atrocious deals, then those deals will stay around, and become the norm.

Same story as Elements.

Really? the only bad and sad thing??!!
Having your music made available freely upfront and getting $0.31 for millions of view is not bad and sad?? What??!!!

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I’m agree with that, but we are referring to 10 tracks maximum, so this is not big deal to give it a try of course, again, if you decide to choose careful, it’s still better than wanted to join the AJ free promotion for me…

You perfectly understand what I wanted to say and this is not what I said. Having our work stolen is the worst thing which can happen, 0,30 cent on instagramm if you choose to give it a try, you can still opt out…

In the case of RedOctopus all the process to remove his content, to get back his money, is probably the worst in this specific case.

Both are sad, but one situation is harder to resolve than the other

I had correct my clumsy words to make everyone understand it clearer (Sorry for you Criskcracker, I didn’t want to seem rude or harsh with you and the issue you get)

I fail to see how this not a big deal. 10 tracks multiplied by the number of authors who are willing to try it out equals a big catalogue of free music authors are not being compensated for. This was one argument in favor of Elements too. “I’ll put only a few tracks on there, what harm can it do?” And now look where we are.

While it is a terrible thing to go through, what is the true cause of our demise: having our work stolen, or accepting ever exploiting deals? We collectively are in the terrible position we are in because of the latter.


I get your point, totally, and I’m agree with you, but at given moment, unfortunately, since there’s no union, no regulation, no solidarity, we can’t stay blind on “Opportunity” which come to us, otherwise we will be totally dead in few month / years. I’m not promoting this exploited thing, but what are the solution we get? Since nothing happen from author side, I can’t be “Blame” to want to give a try to something, because I have nothing next to that, and in this particular point, these kind of compagnies know it well and play with that too !

You can choose to just have 1 track, again there’s no obligation, it’s a choice, and with smart use, I think we can be able to benefit from it in term of visibility, traffic to our catalog etc, it’s like if we get paid to get some visibility, not hugely paid of course, this is nothing, but this is not a big deal, all these guys using our track in reels, are mostly not professional video maker, and will never paid for our track in any case, and we can’t deny that. So 1 track, used in 2000 reels, bring few cents, this is not a big deal to me, because I choose it. And I have far away more track which are available at regular price

For my example, the track which is used in instagram, is an old track I compose in 2019, this track bring nothing more since few years now, so that’s okay, I choose this one especially because it has a certain vibe that instagram user can like for the instagram purpose. My aim is to make these people coming to my profile, and see the promotional content I create to bring them on AJ or P5 for example…

Yes, this is true, but also even in the present time, look at what happened to MA. Most of authors are agreed to stay there, people get angry 1 or 2 weeks, and now we have 15 / 20 days of waiting queue because everyone are now keeping to feed and join this beast. All earning was deeply reduced, everyone are in pain, no body moves…

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