Piano Rejected. Need Advice)

My third hard reject this week. To say I’m broken and disapointed is nothing to say. Is it time to give up?! :cry:

But the last reject was surprising. I thought its ok for AJ for sure.

Please let me know whats wrong here. I know this tune is nothing special, another one piano melody but still…

Thanks in advance!

The link doesnt work for me.

Oops sorry. Now?

Sound ok for me. (mix)
Maybe it is because is not too much commercial for AJ. I think some changes dont work fine in AJ.
Maybe you could create two tracks from it.
One for classical piano category and other for Jazz category, this is what i feel listening it.

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Thank you for quick response! You’re right, it’s not too much commercial, but I thought it will work great as a background.

Anyway this kills me when AJ doesn’t explain. I know everyone talk about this million times, but the problem is still here… feel myself like a small ant, AJ is indifferent to work and time and life and I can be easily crushed…

By the way Manriquedelara, I wish I can create another track from this one, but I thought rules doesn’t allow us to do that?!?!

Well, you can not upload the same track, but if you make some important changes it can be possible.

I understand you about the response, but it is impossible to tell every track rejected what is wrong.


Yeah, always forget the number of track that authors upload every day. Huge amount.

And still tears in my eyes. :tired_face: :sob: Why?? :sob::sob::sob:

Well, try to extract the part from 0:00 to 0:42. Make some changes to a classical piano tune.
You got one track there. :slight_smile:
From 0:43 to 1:11. You could get some jazzy piano track.

So, don´t cry because from one rejected track you can take TWO new tracks. Something good got when they reject tracks. :slight_smile:

And about tears in the eyes… :joy:


Thanks Manrique for support :hugs: At least I’m not alone. You can’t believe, but I’m actually now sit near piano and decide ‘Write or Not to Write’ :grinning::tired_face:

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WRITE. And record EVERYTHING you play.


:heart_eyes: :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: I will! Right now!


It is good, but not commercial :slight_smile: Do not give up ! It is not easy to understand what envato looking for :slight_smile: Be patient :slight_smile: Good luck my friend :slight_smile:


Nice piano! I love to do piano tracks too… :slight_smile: It’s a great performance! maybe some chords a little bit out of commercial … and some bridge notes doing chromatism… mmh… it’s great and I enjoyed listen this, but maybe curators doesn’t like much excessively.
Congrats! you have a diamond in your hands… :smiley:
Good luck with future sales!

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Thanks Fox_Production for support and good word. What a lovely black cat on your profile page :heart_eyes:

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MusicLFiles!!! WOW!!! What an amazing portfolio, a beautiful professional music :open_mouth:. So long I didn’t hear such music here. Man, you create art, ART! Really! Can’t stop listening to your music. :clap::clap::clap: BRAVO!


thank you! :slight_smile: I’m just working in what I believe… trying always to give my best…
you also have a very nice work @AnimaPiano , seriously :slight_smile:
lets do a beer! :grinning::beers: