PHP script uploaded but not successful

I purchased the script and I uploaded. After I extract the script, it doesn’t bring the configuration when I input inurl/install. E.g it brought error 404. Any help please…

The installation process will vary by item, so we can’t advise here on the forums, especially not without knowing the name of the item you purchased. Your best bet is to contact the author of the item for help, or to consult with the documentation that came with your download.

See if typing /install.php (with the .php extension) works instead. If it does work, and it’s not supposed to need the extension, then your web server doesn’t have rewrite rules enabled, so you’ll need to consult with your web host in order to ensure you meet the item’s requirements.

If that doesn’t work, it’s very possible that you uploaded the files to the web server incorrectly. The author will be best positioned to advise as only they are familiar with the layout of their files.

Thanks alot. I’m very grateful. This response is helpful. I’ve resolved to check the documentation that comes with the script. I will let you know as it goes. Thanks.