Phew - Whole portfolio updated

I have spent the past 3 weeks solid updating my entire portfolio with EQ, and raising the RMS and including an MP3 version of each track. I have deleted about 25 tracks that were rubbish - they did sell, some reasonably but were of poor quality. I now have a more consistent sound to the entire portfolio and now I shall start making music again. Enjoyable - No, worth it…we shall see.


Yes, we are all in progression. Hope you get more sales.

You have a huge portfolio. :scream:

You Sir, are crazy. 900 tracks? I’m speechless :neutral_face:

Hope it brings the desired effect. :smiley:

I am amazed at your drive and tenacity Graham! You have a lot of music packs as well. It would boggle my mind to fathom doing that much additional administrative work - after the fact. Good work man!!