With us all constantly improving on our mixing/mastering skills, is anyone else disappointed when listened to their older tracks on AJ because you could now make a better job of it?

It is more frustration rather than actual disapointment. Do you just let go and move forward or improve older work?

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Of course , I was very disappointed but now : For example, I deleted my two track and 1 pack , which can clog up my portfolio to my profile was the best ))) now I’m more improved :wink:

So you completely delete your track and loose sell count? Then re-upload as a brand new track?

Or is there an edit function that you can use? I assume it would have to be moderated again

It is not allowed to upload the same item again. If it was, everybody would be doing it in order to gain exposure.

Sometimes I do polish an old or poor mix, sometimes I don’t. I agree it’s not optimal to have mediocre mixes in the portfolio, but given the current state of affairs, working on the mix of your next upload would be considered a better investment.


I have a track that has been popular but I always hated the production on it. Last week I just decided to rerecord the whole thing and replaced the files. Unnecessary maybe, but I’m much happier knowing that anyone listening to it from now on will hear the tune at its best.

There are other tracks that I’m not that pleased with, but generally I let them be and concentrate on the next tune

to remove, remodel and re-upload is prohibited !!!
but edit track without deleting it ! you can !:wink:

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I think that’s like that for any author across Envato. When I look back at some of my first items, I’m really surprised at how well they did compared to the stuff I make now.

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Interesting replys. I think from a philisophical stance we are all our own biggest critics so just because we look back and see faults, it doesnt necessarily mean other people hear those faults. That may be why your older stuff did or still does do better than you think it would


About a month ago i made new mixing and mastering for many of my tracks here. Always trying to be updated with new skills.

Improved sense of the market weighs heavier than improvements in production and mixing skills when it comes to increasing sales here, IMO.

Yeah i would have to agree, keep looking forward and not backwards hey