Reworking old tracks

I have a bunch of tracks with low or 0 sales dating back to 2014. While I could just delete them to “clean up” my portfolio, I’m very reluctant to do so because I put a lot of work into them and I still feel like they are musically good quality.

I was wondering if it would be worth it to go back and rework old tracks. For example; 4 years on I now have waaay more high quality virtual instruments and much improved production skills. If I went back and replaced a bunch of instruments and remixed some tracks, then my whole portfolio would be much improved.

But is it worth it? Those tracks will still be buried in the search system, and may still never see the light of day.

Has anybody done this with their portfolio?

I have done that with a few of them, i would to do it with more tracks but the HDD with the backup broke around one year ago, so…
But if true that i did it when my mind was empty about new ideas, something like a training brain.
I think it is more for ourselves than for the market, our tracks are like sons and daughters, you must take care of them.
In other way, i´m still selling tracks with more than 2 years so, nothing worse can do a “new look” for those old ones. :slight_smile:


Exactly; this month I sold 2 very old tracks that had 0 sales, so I will never delete any!


I had deleted some of them, but, almost 3 years, 0 sales, and a little bit ashamed of them, like a wayward son. :rofl:


For the last half year, I’ve updated about 30-50 tracks(I do not know the exact number) (made versions, improved quality, changed tags, changed the name for some). Absolutely no use to me. So I still decided to delete some tracks. It is likely that if the track is not sold immediately, it will not sell better after the update. My opinions.

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It’s a nice idea… giving to them better sound, fixing or improving some notes… :slight_smile: I think your tracks can still be reached by clients… and you can give them some presence out of this place. :smiley:
good luck!