PewDiePie & AJ preview

I enjoyed the video as always, however, 2:19 unpleasantly surprised me.

Looks like some fellow author has lost a good profit from his track, played in a video of most known youtube person ever.

Perhaps, they just made a mistake and put a preview instead of a licensed version?

I’m quite sure he usually licenses his music so I think this is one of those mistakes - you forget to take out the temp track when you’re finished editing.

“Some fellow author” wouldn’t have lost more than the regular AJ share though, doesn’t matter if the YouTuber is famous…

PS. Inspiration is there too at 3:40.

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Yeah, I’m sure it’s just a mistake.

As for the money loss, if (hypothetically) the track is stolen, while it’s registered with YT content ID (like AdRev), doesn’t the profit then depend on a particular video popularity? Dispel my doubts :slight_smile:

Might be better to let the mistake slide. The author will likely make a lot more money from AdRev revenue than he/she would from a standard license! :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, ContentID registered music has to be played for 30 seconds continuously in order for a claim to be generated.

Many popular YouTubers know this little fact and will occasionally take advantage of it…such as in this case.

I do find it hard to believe that the original track got mixed up with the preview. After all, the preview file is named… ‘preview’.

A YouTuber who makes a living just from YouTube ads on his videos will NEVER have a claim on there. He even has his own ad network and of course he has those ads displayed on his videos, not from AdRev. That’s his whole business.

Send a DMCA and request settlement fee :wink:

Well, we can’t know for sure but he makes 3-4 videos per day with plenty of music in them so I would say it’s quite likely that you can forget a temp track in there when you try to get it out quickly. It’s not like a big project you would work on for weeks.

He seems like an honest enough guy who pulls in $10 million a year so I’d like to think he tries to pay for the music. :grinning:

Still can’t quite envisage these high-output YT guys utilising ‘temp’ tracks in their vids with the intention of replacing it with a purchased version. Yet I can perfectly imagine them urgently needing something to fill a segue and popping over to AJ to grab a quick, free downloadable preview - knowing full well that a rapid 4 second ‘blast’ of music won’t trigger any YouTube claims and prevent monetization.

Bear in mind however, I’m basing this practice purely on the countless comments left of my own YouTube channel where people have been encouraging other users to do this. I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve had to set them straight. That said, I’d like to think that Mr Pie has made a genuine error here.

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I also thought it was more of an urgency case, as if maybe he had a ton of previews and properly licensed music mixed together on his hard drive, quickly grabbed something that sounded appropriate, couldn’t find the non-watermarked copy and not being too bothered with the watermark just left it as is, after all it’s such a tiny bit. More of a “to hell with it, it will do” moment.

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Yep, exactly that.

In fact, that pretty much sums up the philosophy of the YouTube community these days. Proved simply by the numbers found on my AdRev statement :wink:

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Well he’s used two audio jungle tracks, one is watermarked, the other is not. So he does buy a licences for his AJ tracks, but probably used the preview for testing and because it’s not really noticeable and forgot to replace with the purchased version. I actually did the same with a client project where I forgot to swap out the preview track with the purchased version because sometimes the watermark is really soft and not actually that noticeable unless you play it loud and listen carefully. What I suspect is he probably outsources someone to compile / do audio for his videos, so after previewing to pewdiepie and getting the go ahead someone probably forgot to replace the audio for the final upload. But anyways this is purely speculation, pewdiepie is a nutter so anything is possible.


He does it himself. :smile: