Someone on here could sue Paypal and make a lot of money

Don’t know who’s the author but hope we’ll find it, I have good news for him.

Paypal stole his work in his publicity.

Just published that comment :

Post here :

Hope this guy to get rich from that xD

I often find the video in which customers simply inserted my music using a version with a watermark. But they really purchased licenses. So maybe it is the same case.

??? :flushed:
Paypal in a big partner of Envato ! I can’t believe it…
I hope that we shall have the real story.
In any case I’m not the author in question…


Here is another version of the same video on their page uploaded on Nov 25th and the background music of the video has no watermark. So most likely it’s not stealing, but rather a mistake on their end.


:slight_smile: It reassures me.
I couldn’t believe it :wink:

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Anyway there is a lot of youtubers which are using sounds and tracks with watermark.
Also is it stealing if they are using a watermarked file which is globaly can be shared? I thought that this is just a sign of bad reputation for person who used it and something like “Demo Please Buy” in software world.

Well this still looks totally unprofessional !

Publishing a video with a track from AJ without a proper license is not permitted, whether watermarked or not. The previews are downloadable so that they can try it out and fine tune their edit around the track to see how well it works. But they publish the video without getting the license first, it is stealing indeed.