Do I report this Youtube-channel somewhere to AJ?

Hi friends! :slight_smile:

I received a Content ID hit from AdRev today on a track!

And sure enough. One channel had just taken the preview-file and slammed it on their video.

Do I report these kind of copyright-events to AJ somewhere or just let it slide?


yes, open a ticket here in copyright category and paste the url of the video.

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Cool, thanx! :slight_smile:

Bear in mind while it’s important for envato to be made aware of these situations - there’s only so much they can do to help as they do not own the copyright.

That remains with the author so they would need to be the one to submit any take down or infringement type action.

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You can also send a takedown notice yourself I believe, check this out - [] (

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Great advice, thanx! :slight_smile: I started to wonder if my chosen path “make money” with AdRev on this one was a little premature and wrong! Because then I would want the video to continue to use my music wouldn’t I?

I would let AdRev do its thing. No reason to take it down. You’ll see that this happens very often. Envato won’t be able to do anything about it (unless they are Envato custmomers as well). You do have the option to take the video down, directly from the AdRev interface. But might as well monetize, why wouldn’t you?

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Yes @PurpleFogSound! :slight_smile: i realized that also! So I chose the “make money”-option! Envato sent me some very good resources that I can use on other cases though! :smiley: Onwards and upwards! :slight_smile:

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