Percussion for your audiojungle tracks!



How often do you have a problem when there is not enough “moving” and “groove” in your tracks? I have this problem and i want to solve this problem and record a library of light percussion loops with the professional percussionist. This library will be made for you to be able to spice up your track and make it movable taking 1-2 loops. We will target the corporate, pop and folk tracks, it will include shakers, tambourines, congo, maracas and many other instruments played by a professional. There will be at least 3 different tempoes 90-110-128 Bpm. If we get a quality product, we will offer this library for $20.
Would you be interested in it?

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Very good idea!!! Good luck to you in this matter!!


good idea!


Cool idea! Let’s do it)


Thank you!


Yeah, that’s interesting) I’m looking forward to see first demo :slight_smile:


Nice! I like this idea!


Nice idea, good luck with that!


Thanks! will try


Voted. Great idea, good luck with it!


Hey! That’s Great idea! You must do it and many music producers support You, I think! :slight_smile:


Nice initiative! good luck! :slight_smile:


Thank you, man!


Very useful thing =)
Nice idea!