Improvements on my track?

Hi, thanks for taking time to read this. I am getting on to finishing a track i have been preparing to put on audiojungle, and i was wandering if anyone had any improvements to suggest? My main concern is on how to improve the percussion, so if there are any tips you can give that would be a great help. Feel free to say anything else about the track :slight_smile:
(btw i am aware, the structure of the track is a bit strange, I haven’t got round to arranging it properly yet)

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I’m not sure what arranging it properly will entail but I just want to make the note that I personally would add the percussion in a lot sooner. As it is it took a few more measures than I was expecting it too and it felt long enough to be less impactful when it finally showed up. In terms of the percussion itself the snare feels a little lackluster and I think that maybe a clap or just a snare with a bit more rattle and reverb would fit this track better. Otherwise the composition is very good, just needs polish.

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Thanks for the feedback, I can see what you mean. Always good to have a second opinion :slight_smile:

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As far as the percussion goes it’s not bad. If it were me I’d use some wider sounds though… everything is straight up the middle of the stereo field right now. Get some wide shakers in there or pan the hats and cymbals around a bit.

Also I’d like to hear more variation on the drum pattern. It’s not that dynamic of a drum pattern to begin with which is okay but you have like a minute and half in a row with almost the exact same pattern. I would personally add some new percussion sounds in every 16 bars or so to keep it interesting.

Finally, and this is my opinion so take it with a grain of salt… but I would stay away from unconventional chromaticism in the bassline unless you’re making jazz or something like that. The A - G# - G is a cool idea but to me it doesn’t fit with the style of track you’re making here.

Hope some of this helps!

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Shakers is a great idea as is adding more noises every so often, I never dabble too much in panning in general as I never really know what to do, but as you mentioned it, this would probably be a great place to start. Thanks for the tips I’ll try and implement both you and @Audio_Dread 's responses :slight_smile: .

Good Audio track.

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Thanks! :slight_smile: .

Pretty much the only element having its own place in the spectrum is the kick drum. Everything else is fighting in the mids peaking around the same places and lacking hi and low end often. It sounds really confused like you have a solid kick on its own and a muddy group of quiet narrow mid elements to go with. You need a bass sound, something you will place more in the low mid (could be rhytmic guitar/synth), piano could pick around (800-1600 hz), strings more around 2000-5000hz with enough treble etc.It would sound cleaner, louder, larger if anything has its place in the spectrum avoiding too much masking. You should start with a clear image about what you will do with this and why.

Do you have instruments in the two lower octave? If no the registrer seems to have a hole here. Fill these octaves to begin with before mixing. And make these new elements peak in the spectrum in the bass and low mid.

I hope it helps! :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for the tips. Will do!

@AndrewSeymour .

  1. The intro is lingering too much. Get to the point faster.
  2. The piano is played with the mouse or is over quantized. The velocity doesn’t help that either. They are all at equal dynamics and mechanical.
    3.There are too many elements which are trying to tell their story. In pop music you have two options. Your elements must play sinergically or in dialogue. There is no other option. Unless you want to produce free jazz or punk. And drunk.
  3. There are some things which might be useful but they are played in an immature musicality manner. For example the piano arpeggio. Try to find a proper chord inversion . I do not worry about the mix too much. At least not at this moment since there are other things to be fixed.

Please, take everything with a grain of salt. Just trying to help. Cheers.