Feedback on my track so i can improve it. :)

This is a draft of a track ive been working on and i was wondering if i could have any feedback on it. Eg. how to make percussion more interesting or if the mixing is wrong.
Audio quality may be a bit bad as it has been processed through soundcloud.

this needs faster tempo for sure, its too slow
claps in 1:05 should be changed or removed completely
kicks at break at 1:17 should be removed, they come to abruptly
either remove the first break or the second, its too close to each other
use some atmospheric effects risers crashes of noise etc to create a magical atmosphere, not too loud though
the whole track needs to have a better structure and more coherence

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Got it. thanks for the feedback. Always good to have a second opinion :+1:

But I like it, I’m excited to have a dance choreographed on this track, there are really interesting accents

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it also feels like this is too immature corporate track. read this Is Audiojungle all about "Corporate Motivational etc etc"?

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cheers! I’ll make sure to let you know when (if at all) it get’s on the envato market :slight_smile:

Idk, I have tried making more serious tracks but end up kind of not knowing what i’m doing anymore. I will read the article and see what it says, thanks for the feedback again.

artist’s progress, in a nutshell, is doing what you love and what you are best at always! so do your best always, but if you don’t have much experience to do stuff, learn, and do what you know! its good to try harder stuff so you learn, but also give it time, no one is good without experience and practice, so practice what you don’t know but learn it and become better over time before you send stuff for approval.
depending on circumstances of life, it took me like 8-10 years to become somewhat in a good skills, I was self learned. So give it time

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Ok, thanks :grin: