Paypal "We can’t complete this transfer right now"

Hi guys.

I received today 9600$ is the most I got so far and I also have a few bucks in my Paypal account as well, I manage to withdraw 2000$ but now when I try I get this message

“We can’t complete this transfer right now, pelase try again…”

I did not get any notification from Paypal or some message, anybody knows why this is happening?

Nice amount, congratulations for your work! :tada:

Must be something related to limits, from what I know there is a daily withdrawal limit to bank account/ card, but I’m not quite sure what is the exact amount right now.

Also check with your bank your account/card limits (those coming from PayPal are tranzactions without a CVV - card verification value and many banks do limit them to a certain amount per day, you have to manually unlock the limit probably)

The best option is to contact directly the PayPal Support, they are very responsive on Twitter here: @AskPayPal


Thank you.

I guess I have to wait until tomorrow I hope things will be solved.

Very frustrating.

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This is why payoneer is better :wink:

Just want to let others know, it works again, I guess it was some kind of dayly limit, nto sure what…

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