Paypal vs Payoneer vs wire transfer?

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I need some help with you. Really appreciate it if your could provide help us.

My questions is which is the best method to withdraw payments to bank account Paypal, Payoneer or wire transfer

Paypal has restricted the monthly payment of 21k USD and single transaction of 10k. What happens if we receive more amount than 10k USD

On Payoneer, it is mentioned 2% of conversion fees which seems very large.
For wire transfer, the information they need is a lot and I bit concerned if it did not work

So please let me know which is the best

To receive or to send? Why are you using PayPal to receive over $1k anyway. Use SWIFT

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If you’re a verified account, nothing to worry about. Been using PayPal for 11 years now with every verification requirement fulfilled and never had even the slightest issue with them.

I am from INDIA. I am bit concern about the details they have asked. What happens i am enter wrong details.

Using wire transfer there are lots of data they are asking . I only have the below information for wire transfer for now. They are intermiate bank and stuff like which i do not have
Account Name: ---------

Account Number: ----

IFSC: ICIC0006756

Bank: ICICI Limited


Branch: Jaipur Stock Exchange, Jaipur, Rajasthan, Pin: 302017, India

Double check everything and contact your bank if you’re not sure. Worst case, the money transfer won’t be completed and they may refund the money to Envato