Paypal limits again...


I’ve changed my paypal account and when I try to transfer money to my bank I get this message.

“You’re transferring more than your yearly limit allows. Try a smaller amount”

The account is verified, is there any way to remove these limits, I’ve transferred to my bank last month 1k and there were no issues but now I get this crap.

Thank you.

I think that paypal needs to verify you.
You need to provide them all your taxation details.
It has been a while for me so I don’t remember exactly all the info.
Otherwise there was a limit around $1800 per year.
Contact their support I guess.

Thank you for your answer.

It seams that my card was not vierified this is the issue, even though it was approved now I have to veryfiy it.

I withdraw from my PayPal account about 4k, now when i try to withdraw any sum I get this message.

“You’re transferring more than your weekly limit allowed. Try a smaller amount.”

Is there any way to lift these limits, my card and account are verified.

Thank you.

If you’re using a personal account, then you will be limited regardless what you do. Get a business account, unlimited (almost) transfers allowed. You’ll need to give them all your business info to prove ownership and confirm your identity. :slight_smile:

I see.

So for a personal account there is a limit of 5000$ per week ?

Thank you.

Don’t know. I always used the correct account, and that’s the Business Account. I can’t give advice on this matter. Get in touch with PayPal support. They are the best to help for this! :slight_smile:

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