PayPal VS Payoneer

Which has lower commissions PayPal Or Payoneer

I think it’s going to depend on where you’re located and if multiple transfers are involved - Shout Me Loud has a good comparison and explanation of how he saves money by using Payoneer when possible.

Though these two are free of cost and still carries some differences on them.

Both has an annual card fee which is, on Payoneer its $29.95 and on Paypal $4.95.
Payoneer is available for most countries, as Paypal has several cards it’s available on depends on the type of cards.
Payoneer take 3.5% as currency exchange fee, and Paypal charge 2.5% as currency fee.
Payoneer has a withdrawals limit of $5000, while Paypal depends on the type of card.

Paypal has direct debit option but Payoneer don’t have this option.
Payoneer doesn’t give loans but Paypal has this option.