Thoughts on Payoneer?

I live in a country where receiving payments from another country is such a damn hassle. Yup, PayPal is out of the option. I came across Payoneer and I never had any experience and thought, is it a good payment gateway?

Are you using Payoneer? What are your experiences? Do you recommend to any authors who have the same problem with receiving payment from another country? Are there any fees to pay? If so, how much?

Any extra information will be gladly accepted.

I’m using paypneer 5 last years. Works without any problems. A++ service!

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Using Payoneer for 6 years, but I don’t have any problem receiving payment from another country by PayPal, SWIFT etc. I just have my reasons to use Payoneer instead of other methods. Never had any problem.

Yes, there are fees and they are pretty harsh. I pay $5 for immediate card load each time they send me money (this is optional tbh). Also I lose approx. ~ $10 each time I withdraw cash money on ATM because of the taxes and exchange rate commissions of MasterCard. Anyways, I consider those expenses “the price for being safe and anonymous”.

Anyways, using PayPal isn’t cheaper. You get the same taxes, exchange rate commissions etc., so it’s basically the same. Just without the hassle PayPal can sometimes bring.

I am using payoneer from last 1 year. Its super easy to receive payments from clients anywhere in the world and then transfer to your bank account. Bank transfer takes one day only(in my country, not sure about yours).

Do you have to pay anything for the MasterCard?

No. It comes free with the payoneer account.

Been using Payoneer for several years now, very satisfied with it