Paypal account - problem to pay!!

Hi there!

I need help with the payment method. When I checkout and choose to pay with Paypal - it shows two options.

  1. one is to enter my debit card info - which i don’t want
  2. is top up my paypal account - which i already did

So how to pay when my paypal account is already topped up? I cannot see to finish my payment with this option.

Thank you for your answer, it is my first time using paypal.

if you already have envato credits it must be another option, pay with envato credits (if you have enough credits) if you don’t see this option contact envato this is a bug

Hey, thank you so much for your reply!

I do not have Envato credits, the Paypal account is the one that has money on. But if I want to buy credit on Envato and choose Paypal - it will still show me the same thing:

Credit card or top up your Paypal and then comeback to finish your purchase.

Is it possible that the problem is in currency? My Paypal is in CZK and here is USD? I believe it is really easy and the problem is in me and I cannot see it.

You can try converting CZK to US Dollars in your PayPal account(but watch the parity, I have a feeling the exchange rate is not in your favor.) and then see if you can finish the payment.

my personal question is how to do to pay with credit that we have in our envato account, never been able to figure that out … can anyone tell me pls?

Hi guys! So the problem was really in currency. Paypal is not like bank, so whenever you want to pay in different currency, you need to first exchange it within Paypal.