I don't have Paypal, how do you pay?

Paypal is not used in my country. How can I overcome this problem? How can I pay?

Envato accept Visa and Mastercard branded cards. You can try with that option.

I don’t see any other option and I can’t click it. Can you help me?

You can choose PayPal and complete a guest checkout.

you can check this article to know about some issues:

Please open a Help Ticket Support Team will be happy to assist you.


I logged in as a guest but I can’t see Turkey! I always shop abroad, but this is the first time I encounter such a situation! ??

I already purchased the theme 4 days ago and the money was withdrawn from my bank, but Envato told me there was a withdrawal transaction error. I called my bank and explained the situation.

They also checked and confirmed that the money went to the other party. I also sent an e-mail to the support team with proof and they still say there is a transaction error.

This is starting to get ridiculous. I can’t understand! Thanks.

I would like to suggest don’t try to purchase any item for now. At first you need to solve your payment issue. Then take further steps according to the Envato Support team suggestions.

Okey, thanks…

Turkish banks don’t contact Envato for the purchase issues as well as there’re too many stolen credit card issues therefor I believe instead of managing the issues that cannot be solved, Envato relied on PayPal payment system which is not enabled in the country for some reason.

If you have old account that has a good history, I believe it’s still possible to use credit cards ( although you may have still blocked and need support from the team ), short story as the mods suggested, you will need to solve the problem with them.

Good luck!

Thank you for your answer.

I sent the bank receipt to the support line to prove my purchase.

I sent the section with account transactions in the bank application.

They still tell me there was a transaction error and asked me to contact my bank.

Afterwards, I called my bank and talked to them. My bank said that the money came from me and went to the other party. He said there was a Provision code on the receipt.

They said that this code was proof that it went to the other party.

I also asked for a receipt from the bank itself. They sent the receipt they created to my email. I sent the receipt sent by the bank to the support team again. I’ve been waiting for their answer for 1 day. I couldn’t do my job for the 5th day.

I created an envato market account from scratch. That account currently has mastercard etc. The payment system is visible, but I did not try to buy it in case they would have the same problem again.

I don’t know what to do, I have to do my job. I deal with this kind of nonsense. So, if there was a transaction error, where did my money go? Or into the void?

I can’t understand…

Once your account is blocked, the refund processes automatically. Depending on your bank, you may see the amount on your account up to 2 weeks.

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I know there’re good people in the country but this week I have got 5th sale-reversal ( the guy purchases the item, downloads it and request charge-back from the bank and keeps the item )

Sad/funny story, I was able to track down his website and sent him an email, he was proud what he was doing, a Turkish guy who’s proud of using “charge-back” with his bank.

It’s a truly disgusting situation. I am ashamed of such people…

Can’t Envato detect these people?

If they chargeback and keep the product in their account, detect it and ban their account.

It will be the fifth day. I bought a theme by taking money from my client and I don’t know what to do. I opened another account and now I’m afraid to shop there.

They are getting banned but it’s not hard to create a new account along with new credit card as Turkish bank allows you to create several cards via online-banking.

As the Turkish saying “Kurunun yaninda yas da yanar”

That part is not a problem for me. I can use another card anyway. But I’m afraid that I’ll face the same problem. That’s why I’m afraid to shop.

Envato will Suspend that account immediately when the chargeback done. Also their new account (if they try to create) will get suspend.

You should not make any transaction using your new account until your first issue will be solved. and better not to create any new account.

Good idea to wait the support reply. Otherwise, the system will be detecting you as the same. Bear in mind that support is a little bit slow, may take 5-7 working days so if you have an urgent project, keep the client informed about the delay

I see, you’re right. This situation has alarmed me. I guess I’ll have to wait. I have one more question. If I tell a friend who has a paypal account and he buys from the same account instead of me, will there be a problem?

If it’s his account, it’s okay but the problem would be related to get the updates. You’d need to contact him whenever you need an update. It’s better you create your account and manage it that way, if that’s not the case, you could.

No, no, no. I’m getting it from the account I’m having trouble with right now. That’s why I asked the question. If I make a purchase from the account I have a problem with, will I encounter a problem? This time the payment will be through Paypal, of course.

Or I can do something like this. I can open a zero account, send that account to my friend, let him shop from his paypal account and then I get the account. That would make more sense, right?