Envato Paypal error resolved (for people outside US)

Hi all, I successfully managed to resolve the problem of getting this error when trying to buy theme on themeforest:

“Your payment was unable to be processed by PayPal.
Please try again or use a different payment method.”

When I googled, I couldn’t find any solution, so I hope this will help at least some of you, at least those of you out of USA (on forum topics I noticed most of the people with this problem are from Europe or India).
So, this is what resolved my problem:

  1. After being transferred on Paypal paying page, I noticed that it is converting amount from USD to RSD (Serbian dinar) and I suspected that maybe problem is there.

  2. In Paypal, I changed my main currency to be USD (I am not sure this step is required at all, but it doesn’t hurt to try). In order to do this, you will probably need to go on Paypals’ old view, as I couldn’t find it anywhere elswe in new view. Go to “Wallet” tab and after that click on “Classic view” or “Old account view” (it shows those two randomly on different pages), in bottom left corner. Click on “My money” tab, and then under “PayPal balance” on the right side, click on “Currencies”. Set USD as primary.

  3. On paying screen, where amount in RSD was converted from USD, I clicked on currencies, than on “conversion rates options”, and then I chose “your card issuer’s rate” instead of “Paypal currency conversion rate”. After that, Paypal showed amount in USD, and when I clicked on “Pay now” everything went well :slight_smile:

Here are pictures for step 3 (click on picture link below it to see whole album):