Payout not calculated yet?

Hi guys. Usually payouts for previous month are calculated almost immediately (when new month begin). Now, it is not. Does anybody has the same “strange” thing?


May be it getting late reason COVID-19 Issue maximum country are lock-down
Let tagging a envato team member @KingDog for more info.

I have the same one.

Hi, same situation.

Same situation here, it is not yet calculated :frowning:

My payout was calculated 3 hours ago.

Same thing, guys

payout has calculated and email sending started. hope all of the authors will receive email soon if not received already. There is a minimum payout threshold of USD $50 (payonner and paypal) and $500 for Bank transfer that applies to your earnings.

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Same no payout :disappointed:

same situation.

Just curious when your calculation was done? :slight_smile:

I received email around 10 minutes ago.

My money did not go to the payout (I use payoneer ). What to do? I need this money.

Mine same, using swft.

I have received mail 40 minute ago.
We can stop talking right now at here cause payouts already done.

I think you know Swift payout minimum $500

I saw that @DoughouzForest is awesome author who have 6 item and all of are trending :heart_eyes:

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Thanks mate!

But it’s not about the email. Usually the balance gets reset to 0 and i get email after 3 to 4 hours. This time the new sales are added to the last month balance. So not sure what gonna happen now.

keep patience hope your mail will received soon.
May be mail are taking time to reached :slight_smile:
No worry if you fall any problem then envato support team will help you.

same situation. new sales added to last month

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