Payment Process not working

I have tried to buy the theme Travel Tour Booking WordPress

Processing payment is a problem none is going through. Kindly assist ASAP.

Hi @ObedT,

Carefully check that all of your billing details are correct. You can also try an alternate payment method (such as PayPal, which also accepts credit cards).

If you still can’t get it working, please open a Help ticket, and they will get back to you as as soon as they can.

Hope that helps!

I have tried several times…i seem to have the same problem and error message…

Out of interest, what is the error message you’re receiving? (Make sure not to include any private information, just in case).

you have created your account today. please check your email (used for this account) may be you received email for confirmation your account and/or about billing. you have to follow the emial to confirm your account.

Your payment was unable to be processed by PayPal.
Please try again or use a different payment method.

Payment unsuccessful - there was a problem processing your credit card.
For security reasons we may need you to re-enter your Visa or MasterCard details before trying again, or you may need to try an alternative payment method.

Regarding the “Your payment was unable to be processed by PayPal” error – in my experience this usually happens when the card is declined (e.g. insufficient funds, mismatching postal code, etc), but it can also be another issue with your PayPal account.

The fact that you’re also receiving “Payment unsuccessful - there was a problem processing your credit card” when you try to check out with Envato’s credit card processor suggests this is an issue with your card.

I would contact your bank and see what’s going on.

My card is a debit card just loaded cash and i never had a problem making payments. let me check postal code

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Just checked the postal code and its the same… kindly provide an alternative payment link.

Unfortunately there is no alternative link. Envato allows you to pay with PayPal or their own alternative card processor - you’ve already tried both, and both failed.

This means you should absolutely contact your bank. They will be able to see why the transaction is failing and will probably be able to fix it. It might just be a security block. Cards can do strange things sometimes. :slight_smile:

let me contact them.

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I have contacted the bank i think every thing should be ok. But my account is locked kindly assist.

If your account was locked, then you will need to open a Help Ticket. I can only guess that the multiple failed payments might have flagged your account, but they will get it sorted for you ASAP.

My other ticket is still open

Open a new ticket for the locked account issue, so it gets sent to the right team.