Payment unsuccessful - there was a problem processing your credit card.

Payment unsuccessful - there was a problem processing your credit card.
For security reasons we may need you to re-enter your Visa or MasterCard details before trying again, or you may need to try an alternative payment method.

I get this error when trying to add funds in my account, Its been months I can not purchase anything from ENVATO because PayPal & Skrill are blocked in Lebanon leaving no chance. It used to work well last year!

I contacted ENVATO support so many times but they simply don’t care, they tell me they are not responsible for the problem. I tried 5 different cards, 3 different banks, NO LUCK. I believe this is a bug. I opened a new account and used the same credit card and it worked (only the first time, then it stops working). I can not keep on opening accounts, I already had to open 4 accounts!!

I use the same credit card on so many websites daily, without issues. This is really sad and causing me a lot of issues, believe or not hurting my freelancer business.

Anyone can help here maybe, since Support is not helping?

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Thank you my friend for the advice about creating another account. It’s the first time this happened to me and i bought a few things from envato before.

But I had the same issue and here in Romania paypal is working just fine but when i tried that method got this message : “Your payment was unable to be processed by PayPal.
Please try again or use a different payment method.”

When i tried your method and created a new account it worked with the same visa card details.

It’s not a problem from our banks or paypal or skrill.

King Regards

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