error message when trying to make payment

Payment unsuccessful - there was a problem processing your credit card.

I suggest you to submit a ticket to Envato Team Support.

You can do this by accessing this url:

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Contact your bank

I get the some problem. Why I get this?

Payment unsuccessful - there was a problem processing your credit card.
For security reasons we need you to re-enter your Visa or MasterCard details before trying again.

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Make sure the card is working and contact your bank to make sure they’re not blocking the transaction. This error likely has nothing to do with Envato.

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If you saved your credit card information and trying to use it automatically, that could be the reason.
Enter the details manually, that should solve the problem

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Yeah, sir, the card work without problem. Before several minutes I make another payment to another site. Everything with the card and balance work correctly.

Yeah, sir I thinking about it and first i add with via copy/paste. After the error I type all details manuall, but again the same… Still cant understand…

It is not impossible that your bank is blocking the charge, even if it worked on another site. Envato charges you from Australia, do you have international purchases enabled with your card?

If you need to you can reach Envato support here…
Asking your bank first is highly advised.

Ty I will see what i can do…

I have Same issue…
Note: I’ve used the card on this site with no problem, but now I have this issue.

Same problem. Its been months I can not purchase anything from ENVATO because PayPal & Skrill are blocked in Lebanon leaving no chance. I contacted ENVATO support so many times but they simply don’t care, they tell me they are not responsible for the problem. I tried 5 different cards, 3 different banks, NO LUCK. I believe this is a bug. I opened a new account and used the same credit card and it worked (only the first time, then it stops working).
I use the same credit card on so many websites daily, without issues. This is really sad and causing me a lot of issues, believe or not hurting my freelancer business.

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please check your balance

can anyone tell me why we can not purchase multiple themes over time from one account. everytime we need to purchase from different account. Now from new account there is no option for visa debit/master card and master cards. Only skrill and paypal available for payment methods. No official reply…why

Same problem, not able to buy from themeforest…
dont like it

When i use copy paste the card info payment is not successful. After that i had typed card details manually. payment is success. Thanks for the info baileyherbet.

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me too, I am getting mad about this problem. I tried different banks and many cards but in vain! This is a severe bug in envato that should be solved

you’re from Lebanon too?


I knew it from your nickname lol. I am too… The only way I could work it out was using my friend’s paypal account who lives outside Lebanon and I have to send him via Bank transfer or cash which is even harder now. But in all cases, with the new credit card limits, you cant even buy a theme anymore :frowning: So miserable…

Shittt… wallah ana talabo mini il bank fresh dollar wjbtellon, though ma meshi il 7al :frowning:
Thank you for your reply :slight_smile: