Payment methods - we need more.


Hello, fellow creators.

Do you feel like the methods used by Envato to withdraw funds are a tad limited?

Both PayPal and Wire Transfer are expensive for the party that receives the funds.
Not to mention that once you get payment by PayPal you have to once again withdraw to your local bank account which means “another fee”.

So, I wonder - Envato offers wire transfer but not TransferWise… why? :confused:

TransferWise offers the smallest fees ever. Times smaller than any other method I have ever used. And the money go directly into your bank account in your local currency without paying additional fee for international transactions.

How do others feel about this?

Me, personally - I have never used wire transfer because you never know how much fees you’ll pay due to third party banks.


There are thousands of different payment and withdrawal providers these days. Envato did mention they are working with new payment providers so hopefully we see something new this year :slight_smile: stay tuned!


Not sure if this varies by country, but if I withdraw $100 to Paypal then I get $100 in my Paypal account. And if I then withdraw that $100 to my bank, I get $100 in my bank. Obviously that’s not entirely true if it gets transferred from dollars to something else, but there’s no Paypal or bank fees for me.


You are lucky then :slight_smile:
I get $100 in paypal, then I need to pay at least $2.5 for withdrawal, another fee for currency conversion and another fee from my bank.


That’s a shame. Would Skrill work better for you? But as dtbaker says, hopefully soon there will be new payment providers that will work better for you.


skrill works the same as paypal, only with the worst customer service ever :slight_smile: