New payment methods

No idea where to post this since the forums are extremely confusing.
I’m not just requesting an alternative payment method , I’m begging for one.

I’ve been screwed over by both PayPal and Skrill and it’s literally impossible for me to buy anything unless I give money to my IRL friend and wait for him to go to the bank / deposit my funds so he can buy me stuff with his paypal.

I’d like to suggest stripe payment gateway , POLI or coinpayments / crypto coins.

Would it be possible?

Q: Why not make a paypal account and use that?
A: Some moron sent me 2.00$ saying ‘thanks for the nudes’ , causing permanent limitations for me

Q: Why not use skrill?
A: They ask for ID verification , even though I have submitted the correct documents , their support is nonexistent.

Q: Why not just keep asking your friend to help you?
A: It’s extremely tedious and I tend to impulse buy , besides , I can’t ask him to go to the bank if it’s 12AM

Q: Why stripe?
A: Stripe is secure , fast and reliable. It would be extremely useful for instant payments.

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Any staff that can reply or?..

Payoneer? (I guess)

This is unlikely to be something envato will discuss on forums as it is no doubt quite a big consideration to undertake.

Your best option is to email them directly.