Why only Paypal method for Deposit?

Where is Skrill?
Why not Add Bitcoin as payment method ?

Paypal and Skrill are available at the moment and it sounds like credit card payments will be along soon. As for Bitcoin, I’m sure Envato have looked into it as an option, and I appreciate that they do have their benefits… but if I was Envato Grand Finance Master, there would always be the worry for me that I get $10,000 (for example) worth of Bitcoins in the Envato vault during a month, and then they’re only worth $9000/$8000/$7000 by the time I’ve transferred them into something that my bank, creditors and/or authors would accept.

At my End i see only Paypal as payment Method, ( Payment was unable to be processed by PayPal. Please try again or use a different payment method )… which other different payment method should i use? was using Skrill in making deposit, what happen no Skrill anymore ?

there’s swift available too, if the gains are high enough , obviously …

as there are services (like BitPay) that directly pay out in $ and still have less fees than PayPal this argument does not make to much sense.