Any New Payment Method for Bangladesh?


Previously before the Envato Updates, Payment method setup was easier with Payoneer and with all the fees Envato takes up, the Payment was full whatever it was.

But with the Recent Update, any country that doesn’t support Paypal such as “Bangladesh”, It takes $9 fees no matter what the amount is.

eg: $57 payment, $9 fee to send the money to local bank.

that’s absolutely absurd!

Looking for some new payment methods like “Wise” or etc. or bring back the old Payoneer payment setup.

If you want to select a virtual provider like Payoneer, Wise or Revolut, you need to select the Bank Transfer option (read more).

okay, so same “Bank Transfer” Method again that is going to charge $9 fee?

“Bank Transfer” to US bank account fee is $1 and local Bank (in your case BD) transfer fees is $9. You can get US bank account from Payoneer or Wise.

The $9 fee is a bummer. While there aren’t new payment methods announced yet, I’ve seen others mention using Wise for Bangladesh. Maybe worth checking out?

truly. envato already takes 20%+ percent per sale before hand, so! :man_shrugging:

Wise is a good method, but I think that’s not a internal option like paypal. for Bangladesh, we have PayPal and Bank transfer.

  • Paypal is not available in the country
  • Whether you say local bank, payonner, wise, all of them are basically the same thing “Bank” and will charge $9 fee

before Envato made the recent updates, we had the internal setting up payment with Payonner option, which didn’t charge any fee when withdrawing. but now all we have this “Bank payment” with $9 fee.