Payment changes?

Hi everyone!
I just want to ask… after so many years for the first time I still have no payment on the date. Is there a change?

Check this

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Thanks a Lot!

Check your email settings on the Envato, they keep sending the emails about the urgent updates/changes if you’re not receiving the emails…

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@ ki-themes
Everything is OK!
Thanks so much!

At the moment payoneer app is not working. I already have delay of one month now i have upcoming payments, what is going on?
To sum up Envato owns me a 3 payments since now! No one care where your money goes, no one can track it.

Pretty sure about it’s related to Payoneer and it depends on which country you’re registered. In some countries, to get the money, you need to submit documents to Payoneer every month but you should contact @Payoneer team for the issues

@Melisa_Payoneer @Rachel_Payoneer

I am Payoneer user since 2011.
Everything works fine, last transaction is lost, both supoorts can’t find it. All i have is a transaction ID and amount that was sent from Envato to Payoneer. Now I’m waiting for next two in a 1-3 days. Strange how people can’t track digital money.

There has been similar cases earlier with the previous payment. You may need to contact Envato support to get the details about the payment proof ( usually for SWIFT, it’s MT-103 )

Although, they may have changed their bank, too.

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