Updates to emails sent as part of your monthly Envato Market balance payout (May 2024)

Hi all. From May 2024 onwards, we’re changing some of the emails that you receive as part of your monthly Envato Market balance payout.

What’s changing?

For each monthly Market balance payout, you can expect to receive:

An email when your payout has been processed successfully by Envato, and is on its way to your chosen payout method

  • Subject line: “Envato sent you a payment
  • This email is typically sent on the Market payout date for the month
  • Occasionally, there may be slight delays due to requests for documentation or first time payouts. See the Market Earnings FAQs for more details on payment dates and minimum payment amounts.

An email if our payment provider requests some documentation from you before sending your payout

  • Subject line: “Action required: Your payment is being held
  • These are sent on a case-by-case basis. If you receive this email we recommend that you read and perform any requested actions as quickly as possible, to minimize any payout delays.

You may also receive additional payout-related emails under the following circumstances:

  • An email when you update your payout method details
    • Subject line: “Your Payout Details Were Updated on Envato
  • An email if a Market payout is returned back to you
    • Subject line: “Payment Returned

Which emails are being removed?

All other Market payout emails such as “Your Market Earnings have been calculated”, “We couldn’t process your payment—Envato Market”, and “Envato Market: Your payout has been processed (i.e. we sent you money!)” will no longer be sent.

You can continue to monitor your Market earnings and balance via the Market Earnings Dashboard.

Why these changes?

We are making these changes to provide consistency across the payout emails for Elements and Market each month, and to remove the potential for duplicate communications about Envato Market that may cause confusion.

We want to ensure that we only send you the most important information when it comes to monthly payouts, helping to make the payout process simpler and faster.


@BenLeong This is very good but on the Market dashboard, under the payout section, there are no reflection of the current payout amount after the end of the month which are on it’s way of processing. Previously, it was on the left side. We just only see them when the payout amount has been completed with the rest of payout.


I have a request to the honorable leaders of codecanyon.

please update payout method in somalia because if i try to connect payout method i receive only paypal option.

so paypal not work in somalia if you update payout method in somalia we get bank transfer powered by pyoneer because pyoneer work in somalia

but paypal not work.

Thanks good leader :heart:

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Can you provide me with the email ID of any customer care associate? I need help because the author I am associated with is very very pathetic.

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Thanks, I’ll know. :slightly_smiling_face:

For me, withdrawal of money is blocked at the moment (Belarus) and for some reason every month the money disappears and appears after the 15th in the Envato account. I don’t have a money payment system set up and I don’t make any requests, but for some reason the money still disappears and appears. This time they just didn’t come back. This endless mess has ceased to amaze me. Hell of a mess. Where’s my money? My payoneer is not set up at all!


Same here.

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