Updates to how you view your Envato Market Balance (June 2024)

Hi all. From June 2024 onwards, we’re making some changes to the way that you view and manage your Market balance and earnings.

What’s changing?

The location in which you view your Market ‘balance’ will move:

  • You will now be able to view both Market and Elements balances in the same place via the Author Dashboard
  • The ‘Balances’ section in the Market Earnings tab on the Market Dashboard will be replaced with a link to the Author Dashboard

Changes to the way your balance displays

  • Any returned payments from Market will be included in the ‘balance’ number you can see on your Author Dashboard
    • Returned payouts will be reflected back on this balance amount much faster; typically within a day of the payment coming back into Envato’s systems
    • Check back on the balance to keep an eye out for any returning payouts. Once a return is back on your balance, it will be automatically reattempted as part of the next balance payout
    • Make sure to have your payout details all set up and ready to go with the correct account details to minimize the chance of any future returns
  • The ‘Earnings’ number in the top right corner will now only display earnings
    • This number now behaves more closely to the concept of ‘earnings’ (see below for more information on this)

Removal of the ‘Payouts’ tab in Market

  • This tab will be removed, as the data there is no longer being actively updated
  • You can still view your monthly earning amounts by navigating to the ‘Statement’ tab and filtering by the ‘Payout’ type
    • The ‘detail’ of these payout line items has now changed to state ‘Transfer to balance’, with new line items appearing here on the 1st of each month when a Market earnings payout is created and is in the process of being sent over to your balance (in prep for a payout on the ~15th)
    • You can export this information and filter by chosen data ranges, giving you more control over what you can view
  • To understand whether your payout was successful, keep an eye out for your “Envato sent you a payment” email on or close to the Market payout day
    • Alternatively, the ‘balance’ number on your Author Dashboard will drain to $0 when your payout has been sent out to your chosen payout method on payout day—this means it has successfully been sent out of Envato’s systems!

Where you manage your payout method

  • You will be able to update your payout method via the Settings tab, under a new sidebar option called ‘Payout method

What’s the difference between my ‘Market balance’ and my ‘Market earnings’?


  • This is the money you receive as an Author, from the sales you make on Envato Market.

  • You can view detailed information about your Market earnings on the Market ‘Earnings’ tab (for Elements, this is viewed via your Author Dashboard earnings report)

  • For Market, your earnings for a payout month are passed over into your ‘balance’ on the ~8th of each month, in preparation for it to be paid out to your chosen payout account on payout day (~15th)


  • This number represents the amount that will be paid out to you in the next payout
    • Your Balance includes your previous month’s earnings, plus any returns that have come back to you over the past month
  • You can expect the balance to increase:
    • On the ~8th of each month, when your monthly earnings for the previous month will be included on your balance
    • If any returns have come back in the past day
  • You can expect the balance to decrease:
    • On a payout day—once a payment is marked as ‘Processed’ in our systems (i.e. when you receive the “Envato sent you a payment” email)
    • As we successfully send you the amount owed, your balance will return to $0.

Why are we making these changes?

We are making these changes to provide consistency in how you access and understand your Market and Elements balances.

Envato’s vision is for the Author Dashboard to be the one-stop-shop to understand your earnings and balances across all platforms, making it easier to manage and monitor your items, earnings, and payouts in future. This change takes us a step further in that direction.


@BenLeong Sounds great! What about the current “Dashboard” tab of the Market when we log in? Will it replace with the “Author Dashboard”?

Moreover, about the new “Author Dashboard” of Market, when clicking on “Author Dashboard”, will it redirect to another link or will show the dashboard content like the other tabs (down below)?

Thanks @theme_land!

This change only affects the aspects listed above - so in your Market dashboard the “Balances” section will be changed to a link to view that information on the Author Dashboard at https://author.envato.com/profile, and the Payouts tab will be removed.

I’ll see if I can get a screenshot of what the new view will look like, once the balance is moved over to the Author Dashboard page.

At some point there needs to be a much bigger UX overhaul of the various “dashboard” sites, as they’ve grown to be very confusing over the years while so many different features have been added. Right now, the rest of https://themeforest.net/author_dashboard and https://author.envato.com/profile will remain unchanged, except for the Balance changes in this thread.


That would be nice. Thanks for the clarification!

The single most usufull thing that ever happened to Envato Dashboard was the Dashboard plus extension by dtbaker Dashboard Plus - Envato sales browser extension

I hope something from that will be available in new dashboard

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These upcoming changes to the way we view and manage our Market balance and earnings are certainly a welcome development. By consolidating the Market and Elements balances in one place via the Author Dashboard, it simplifies the process and makes it more intuitive to track our earnings. The improved speed of reflecting returned payouts and the clarity in differentiating between ‘earnings’ and ‘balance’ enhance transparency and efficiency. Removing outdated tabs and centralizing payout management under the ‘Settings’ tab also streamlines our workflow. Overall, these updates align well with Envato’s vision to make the Author Dashboard a comprehensive and user-friendly platform for managing our items, earnings, and payouts. Looking forward to seeing these improvements in action come June 2024!

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So I’ve logged in to see my earning today and is that this big change?
CleanShot 2024-05-30 at 09.57.45

Instead of my balance I see link to https://author.envato.com/

where all I see is this

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Hi Purethemes! Yes, at the moment the balance should be showing $0.

From the info at the top of this thread, the Market balance should increase on the ~8th of each month, when monthly earnings from the previous month are included in your balance. It will also increase if any returns have come back in the previous day.

The balance will decrease on payout day (15th for Market), once a payment is processed and sent out from our system.


Hi Ben. Why i see an Elements Earnings at My new Author Dashboard now and its showing very small amount (50% of Month Earnings) ?

Hi Madness_Pro. The amount at the top of your Earnings Overview dashboard (author.envato.com/reports) will currently be showing a partial month of earnings for April 2024, defaulting to a before-tax view. There’s a 33-day lag on calculating those earnings, as we need to wait for subscribers on each day to complete a full month of downloads - so it currently shows daily earnings up to April 26th.

The Elements Balance (shown in author.envato.com/profile) is after tax, but I don’t know the process for moving Elements Earnings across to your Elements Balance - I’ll need to check with our Payouts team tomorrow, as it’s evening over here at the moment.

I’ll post an update in this thread once I have more information on the Elements balances.

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Hi all. The new Balances section on author.envato.com/profile was briefly viewable yesterday, but has been taken down for some additional work over the weekend.

We’re expecting to have this back online early next week. As a reminder, your monthly Earnings can still be viewed on Market or on the Elements Dashboard. These earnings are then transferred to your Account Balance around the 8th of each month, before they are paid to you on our regular Author Payout days (15th for Market, 16th for Elements).

I’ll post in this thread to confirm once the Balances section is back online again.

So the earnings balance is not going to change on the 1st as it was usually changed but on the 8th? For the market


Is this why I still see the same balance in the market dashboard without becoming month ended ?

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Okay, that’s the reason I’m still seeing the May balance. So, will the May + June (1-8) balance will be paid on the 15th of June, or just the May?

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I don’t see any balances in my dashboard


same here

It’s explained by BenLeong earlier. Balance tab offline for weekend and fixes

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Hi all! The Market and Elements Balances are now visible in your dashboard again at author.envato.com/profile - they’ve been moved up the page a bit, and some of the other tiles on that page have been updated as well.

You’ll see your Earnings total from each site move across to the account balance around the 8th of each month. Specifically for June, I think that you’ll see the Market one appear first (this Friday, June 7) and then we’ll process the Elements balance next Tuesday (June 11) as there’s a public holiday next Monday that affects most of our staff.

@WebCodingPlace & @Hotpin - In June, you’ll be paid for your May Market earnings as normal. You would normally see the May earnings total taken out of the account on the first of the month, but it looks like that process is still underway. We’ll still be processing outbound payments as normal on payout day.

Also worth noting: both the Market and Elements payout days for June will fall on a weekend, so both will be processed on Monday June 17th.


It is full of bugs. Nothing is working.

Balance is not showing: https://schiocco.com/shared/2024-06-03_113727.jpg

The earnings from the current months stopped working: https://schiocco.com/shared/2024-06-03_113916.jpg (the counter still show earnings of the past month added to the current month)