Will earnings be paid for May?

Hello :slight_smile: Earnings for May still remained on my balance! Although already June 1! So will I get paid for May on June 15-16?? Or not ? :frowning: I will be very grateful for the answer :slight_smile: Thank you


So, as I understand it, the balance will change on the 8th :slight_smile:

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I’m interested too.

I was worried about too…

May withdrawal expected for June 8th will pay May month’s earnings on June 15th ?

Money still only arrives in the account on the 15th. What difference does it make: you receive a message on the 1st or 8th. It would be something to get…

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Hello dear composers,

Yes it is same for me too. I have my earings from May visible in new month /Jun/.

Lets wait to 8th :slight_smile:


June 8th is saturday so we have to wait till monday.


It’s related to the calculation of the earnings that was happening at the end of the month where the total amount of the credit went down to $0. I can still see the balance as well as the others, that’s why it’s creating a confusion

You can expect the balance to increase :

  • On the ~8th of each month, when your monthly earnings for the previous month will be included on your balance

I found this from Ben:


  • This number represents the amount that will be paid out to you in the next payout
    • Your Balance includes your previous month’s earnings, plus any returns that have come back to you over the past month
  • You can expect the balance to increase:
    • On the ~8th of each month, when your monthly earnings for the previous month will be included on your balance
    • If any returns have come back in the past day
  • You can expect the balance to decrease:
    • On a payout day—once a payment is marked as ‘Processed’ in our systems (i.e. when you receive the “Envato sent you a payment” email)
    • As we successfully send you the amount owed, your balance will return to $0.

This means that in the future Envato will owe author? There will be months of not paying in full and debt for the next month.


According to the post, instead of sending the email at 31st ( end of the month ) they are moving it to the 8th ( calculation of the earnings ) which I assume that the payment should be sent at 15th as usual


Can you please check and update us the exact details without any assumptions?

I simply can’t. I’m not Envato staff

Hi all. Please see the latest update here:

We’ll be paying all May earnings for Envato Market as normal in June (on Monday 17th).

You should see the May earnings total appear in your Account Balance (on author.envato.com/profile) at the end of this week, so you’ll know how much is going to be sent on payout day.


What does this mean? This is the first time I encounter something like this.

Means you’re going to get paid soon

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It’s below the payment threshold, but it’s there. Has the payment method changed now? Will we get paid every month, even if it’s under $50?