Password Protect Entire Website - Membership Only

I’m looking for a plugin that password protects the entire WordPress website and only can be viewed by logging in. The plugin is for multiple users, preferably using the existing WordPress profiles. The membership is free, so I don’t need a money base application.
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You can use basic features of member plugins try Paid Member Subscriptions. I believe will do the work you require.

I appreciate the feedback but it says
“It does not protect and images or uploaded files so if you enter and exact URL to in image file it will still be accessible”
The password needs to have username and password for each individual and not just one password and must have full protection.

Check out my content locker wordpress plugin. It can lock unlock specific portion of your website or complete website… If you need further enhancements or changes i can customize for you. Looking forward to our discussion. You can drop me an email so we can get started.

Hi promotionking,
I tried to view your live website via Envato and my anti-malware stopped me from viewing. Let me know after it’s fixed and I’ll take a look.
Thank you

Website and even demo is working absolutely fine. Please check out again
Most welcome