Password protected wordpress site

Hey there! I am hardly looking for a good looking plugin.
I want to protect a finished website, so anyone who gets the link needs to put in a password to get access to see my website. I have had an older plugin I´ve used in the past.
I do NOT want the visitor to register and get a password. The modal should only ask for a password.

Also very important: the style! I would love to use a plugin with good looking style, maybe flat.

Is there anything you can recommend?

Thanks a lot!

Use password protected folder feature on your hosting

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Yes…this is a way to do that…but the design is pretty crappy in my opinion.
I would love to have another more professional look.

If there were some, I’d say that the design is awful but most of the times, it’s just a prompt window but this is the safest/easiest way, I think

keep http password for your site.