How can I make my website more secure? Which plugin should I use?

Please show me which plugin is best for my website since last month my website was hacked and my website traffic has fallen down. I am slowly regaining my website traffic, but I am looking for any guidance on which plugin is best for the website.


If this is a Wordpress site, then my best advice is to use as few plugins as you can live with. Providing your hosting is all up to date, and your core files and themes are up to date, then the best advice is to make sure you choose a hard password for the logins.

Some shared hosting providers are very poor when it comes to security, so if you are using shared hosting then make sure it is one of the better companies that take security seriously.

This site offers great advice:

Thank you for sharing such valuable advice! Your insights on WordPress site
management and security are incredibly helpful. It’s evident that you have a deep understanding of best practices, and your recommendations are spot-on. Your willingness to offer guidance benefits the community greatly. Keep up the excellent work!

It’s actually how you’ve been hacked and if there’s still “backdoors” on your hosting/website/database

If the person who accessed your website added some additional codes, no matter what plugin you use, you may still get hacked. You may need proper checking with everything.