Theme Security?


I want to buy a quick theme, but I’ve heard a lot about bad theme quality. How can I be sure a theme meets industry standards and is secure?


You bought a wordpress theme?
In principle, all themes on ThemeForest are checked carefully before it is available in Marketplace.
Also for safety, choose a quality hosting company.
Recommend you use a CDN service to hide nameservers, in my opinion the best is CloudFlare.
I recommend a plugin of this kind :
… with a simple search and you will find others.


all TF themes are reviewed with standard sercurity level

  • all input/output escaped
  • included latest plugin/library version
  • no un-security functions


It’s not a wordpress theme, it’s html5 and css3. Is there anything you suggest for that?


In this case everything is ok. There are no security vulnerabilities for html, css themes . Security is provided by the company hosting in this case.
For a good hosting company I recommend it :