Private site for users only



I was wondering if anyone knows of a plugin that allows me to completely hide a WP site behind a username/password wall? I’ve found many plugins for memberships that hide certain content or hide the entire site with single password. That won’t work well for what I need.

I’m trying to build a private site for our company and can be accessed only by users/employee accounts we create. I don’t want it to be unlocked with a single password just incase we need to terminate that user. I need it to be unlocked with a login. I also don’t want the users to see the backend the admin panel when they log in. A simple username/password wall would be amazing.

Thank you in advance.


Try or there are several premium plugins that may be able to handle this (make sure you check with the author that it can do what you need BEFORE purchasing).


Thank you so much for your help.