Password Protected Membership Wordpress Theme

I’m looking for a simple membership theme. Key elements are:

  • Password protected pages for members with easy retrieval of forgotten user names/passwords

  • A members profile is public EXCEPT for confidential info (contact info, position, and salary for example). The confidential info can be accessed from other members with specific credentials.

  • Members with specific credentials can access confidential documents, while others cannot.

  • A way to allow a “guest” to access the protected areas for a limited time.

  • Potential members must “apply” to become part of the membership by filling out a long form requiring personal information and photo of themselves. They can only enter the protected areas when approved by a moderator.

  • All data on members can be downloaded as a spreadsheet, and re-uploaded when changes are made.

  • Collect membership fee’s when they are due.

  • A moderator is able to cancel a membership.

The members are a very dry group (lawyers, auditors, accountants), so we’re not looking for elaborate forums, blogs, or personal groups. The members will use the website to learn about each other and network before big conferences. The membership will also use the website to access the latest confidential documents.

Any insight on a theme that could do these tasks would be greatly appreciated.

~ Jack

Too specialised for a standard theme - you are bette roff looking at membership specific plugins on codecanyon and then applying those to a base generic theme

Thanks! I guess my question should have been asking for advice for a membership plugin instead of a membership theme.

Do you have any insight on a membership plugin as I described?


~ Jack

Try this - you’d need to check all he functionality you need and may need an add-on to do some of it but it’s by far and away the biggest in this category Ultimate Membership Pro - WordPress Membership Plugin by azzaroco | CodeCanyon

Thanks! I’ll give it a look over and try it out.

Given the level of personal data etc. you are talking about handling you need to think very very carefully about the hosting, security, and if WordPress is really the best options

If, let’s say the security needs to be at the highest level… what do you think would be a better option other than WP on a shared server such as Network Solutions?

You say it is simple, but in reality its far from simple. @charlie4282 has already pointed out yes you can possibly purchase a plugin, but even then you will probably be looking at a custom theme.

I would not suggest wordpress in this case - a PHP script that does not need to rely on a core like WP and various plugins that could potentially be hacked, is not secure.

Nice advert by the way for a hosting provider :wink: