[Paid job]Looking for web page build and design help

Greetings! I am looking for someone who can help me design the web page,
I had assignment make a web site, but I don’t know anything,
my assignment requirement:

  1. Single sign on support facebook and google and stand alone login system.
    2.Shopping cart with the order have message box can input description and support check the order history
    4.Payment by paypal , support sandbox that enough.
    5.Chatbot, create simple 5 rules to auto reply that enough.
    6.Forum: basic different user create new topic and reply , admin login management the topic or post (edit or delete)
    7.The web site support multi platform(PC,mobile view)
    8.Support web accessibility

The assignment need host by myself , I can setup with VM and apache server and mysql, I only within 3 week to complete it , please post your contact to me and price , I will reply to you, thank you

Is this just design or design and build?

Try www.studio.envato.com these are vetted freelancers and you will have a degree of protection through envato

FYI that doesn’t sounds like a basic build meaning:

  1. You are likely to need a fairly decent budget. Anyone who tells you they can do it for few hundred $ is almost certainly not someone you want to be working with if this is an important project

  2. You are likely to need to brief in a bit more detail

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thx for reply , update the topic and i go to www.studio.envato.com find the freelancers for helping

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