Looking for web dev help urgently

Hi, I am building a new website on Wordpress using the Bufet theme by dhrubok, and there are a few custom dev items I need help with. Is anyone here able to help, or able to recommend an awesome and reliable web dev person who may be interested in taking up the job? Thank you!

Envato Studio is a freelancer platform. For doing this job I would certainly recommend one of the WordPress experts at Envato Studio. They’re really good and surprisingly affordable. Thanks

You can contact ur through our profile on ThemeForest

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Hi @os33

I can help you in custom development.

Get in touch with me here

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Can you write what you need? Some specifications? It is impossible to tell what can be changed an what cannot without template.

Hi, are you able to send me a private message so I can go into detail? I have descriptions with supporting images of what I need but my company website is not live yet and I would like to keep it private for now. Thank you.