Project for web developemnt

I’m looking for a freelancer/team to help me develop a website. The client is into online event advertisement. The goal is to create a new responsive bespoke site that will have a better usability, user experience and able to increase leads.

Check out - vetted freelancers and a degree of protection should any issues arise

Feel free to drop me an email via the contact form below if you’d prefer to work directly:

If you’d prefer Studio, you can check my page at

Pls explain further about this vetted freelancer

You can see reviews and past projects

Service providers are invited and/or checked by envato to ensure they know what they are doing

If something were to go wrong or be disputed then envato would help (to a point) to protect both parties and resolve it.

If you find someone randomly and through general email then even if they came from these forums - envato won’t get involved in private agreements and if something went wrong you would be on your own.

ohhh thank you so much. I appreciate that. I will look into there past projects like u suggested. when it comes to purchasing i have to let envato know what ever transaction am doing with any one here.

Thank you charlie

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If you go via studio then envato will see he agreements etc. if you agree with someone off the network then you don’t need to inform envato of anything as they won’t get involved

thank you Charlie,
please do you have anyone in mind maybe recommend someone here for me.


We can help you with developing your website. You can contact us on Envato Studio -

Thank you