Looking for Developer to build MVP ecommerce B2B web / mobile site

Hello! I’m in need of a developer who can build a basic functioning web / mobile ecommerce site. They will be working with professional designer, so all the mocks and prototyping are ready to begin immediately.

The end product involves a shopping cart, filters / tagging, and multiple profile capabilities.

Want to complete a V.1 within 2 weeks to a month (we want SUPER basic) as we’re narrowed down the product to only a few upfront actions. If thing work out well, would be open to ongoing relationship.

Pay is negotiable, but running very lean, as this is just a V.1 to get further proof of concept on our previous market research.

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You can contact me and we can tell me more about your project.
And send me all details like design , how much items you will have , payment gateway etc.



You can also drop me an email