Paid for extra support but don't get it

Hello people.
I purchased the Love Icon theme yesterday with a 12 month additional support extension.

Immediately with my first, actually very simple question, I am not helped but referred to some slow website of the maker of the theme, where I then get no response at all.

As far as I know, I have asked for extra support for a reason, so I would appreciate it if I was actually helped further. So can someone help me with my problem?

All I want to know is where I can find the demo content for my theme. No more and no less.

Thank you in advance.

This is a general community forum filled with regular users like you, and the process for importing demo content will vary by theme, so the best we can do is direct you to the developer of your theme (who we call the “author” around here). They are the ones responsible for fulfilling your support period.

That said, importing demo content is almost certainly covered by your theme’s documentation, which you can find on your downloads page. I also found instructions for it from the author’s support website:

For further support from them, submit a ticket at the following link. They aim to respond within 24 business hours:

We can help you with general WordPress questions here on these forums, but not theme-specific queries.

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Hello, you may not notice out support time is GMT+6 ,10am-6pm.
We never provided 24/7 support. After open ticket client will got first reply within 24hours. If it is not inside our weekend.

We provide high quality support. Try to help. If the requirement is full customization ,we are unable to provide according to the envato support policy

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