Pagination Not Working

Hi, the pagination on our site is not working for Post Grids element. This occurred after a theme update but developer doesn’t want to take responsibility & give fix to me outside of having to extend my support although there are many others in other forums complaining of the same occurrence after a recent update. Can anyone solve this for me please? I shouldn’t have to extend my support because this developer is shonky and good at this little trick of his (as reflected in the ratings by other/former purchases - which btw, the developer erased one of my ratings/reviews >> shouldn’t he be penalised for that?).

If anyone can recommend a better theme, then I’d be open to changing themes. The Voux has bug upon bug after each update (and there’s plenty!) which creates so much lost time fixing each issue that they create. Plus it generates over 60 thumbnail variations to account for all demo styles which as you can imagine is INCREDIBLY FRUSTRATING because inodes increase rapidly if your site is already content heavy - overloading the server/site (slowing it down even further). Although, it’s naturally as slow as a donkey walking up the Grand Canyon carrying a 2 tonne load on a blistering hot day. And it’s not mobile optimised! There’s more but I’ll stop there because I think it’s just best to cut my ties from this awful theme & developer if I can’t get this resolved without extending my support.


Contact with your purchase item author hope they will help you out from your issue.



In case you would like to change theme, there are so, so many options… there are sooo many great ones out there I fell in love with…
It all depends on your desired style, your experience, your needs, e.g. you mentioned you would like to have the shop sidebar to appear on the top of the page on mobile devices, etc… what else? amp, bundled plugins, special needs or even apps that come with theme… ?
And on top of it trends and technologies and even needs come and go, what you like today, you might not like in a few years, so it is sooo uneasy to suggest a theme just by asking “I’d be open to changing theme”… you have a fashion website, you might want to build a community in the future or provide advertising, or, or, or… if you are about to change theme, I suggest to consider your needs even beyond the future… :wink:
And there are so many factors that can slow down a website…
And may be you just need to give a little time to the author to make updates after known issues… so it is really not easy to help you based on the details you gave.

We finally figured it out – their update now requires that the Post Count section needs to be included (unlike before). What a simple fix that they could/should have easily advised on their discussion page!!! But they’re obvs greedy & try to push/swindle purchasers to extend their support.

I read the Envato support policy and this should be the case. So why does the developer advise purchasers to extend support for these ongoing questions?

They should really be better accommodating so that former purchasers don’t waste their time trying to navigate the bugs they create from updates. Or at the very minimum, they should offer a forum where purchasers can receive information on recent updates to troubleshoot their bugs/bug fixes!!

Thanks Kriszta!

First & foremost: It’s a no-brainer that one needs a speedy site in such a competitive environment (especially on mobile now that SERPs rank mobile speed/functionality highest).

Then: Along with a sleek ‘responsive’ design it also needs to have good structure. Google doesn’t give a flip what it looks like so a developer that adheres to best structure/SEO practices is vital! And one that moves with the times and works to update the theme accordingly. Again, it’s competitive and not going to get easier so the theme needs to stand the test of time.

Thereafter: the theme developer should offer ongoing support FOC for any bugs they create. A forum sounds rather simple from a purchasers end but not for developers who are accustomed to ripping them off. Alas, you can’t educate those that don’t value their clients to start with and are only looking at instant $$$.

A site that’s customisable i.e. sidebars etc. is also helpful but the aforementioned are more vital.

Lastly: A theme that doesn’t generate thumbnails for every demo/element they offer. How ridiculous to think that The Voux generates over 60 image sizes for just 1 image upload. That’s a nightmare in the making!!! Again, I guess it goes back to having the developer understand what’s actually important and not just looking for a quick buck.

So really, it’s not just a question of what the purchaser requires in the future i.e. fluffy style/customisable elements etc. But more so, what the developer is willing to do to keep their client at the forefront of such a competitive market. I say it’s time for developers to sharpen their tools!!

it is possible to get high quality WordPress themes here with high level technologies and support.

Not everybody needs all features and therefore not everybody wants to pay for features they do not need.

This means that you can find a wide range of variety of themes here.

You have to do a good research for yourself to find the theme that fits your needs in (nearly) all aspects.

You can find themes that support amp or facebook instant articles, advanced adaptive images, etc, if you have needs like that.

You just have to take your time and find the one you like, find the author who responds to comments, etc., it is worthwhile for a budget like this - having a let’s say 60 dollar theme - or hire and pay a professional who does the research for you and the maintenance of your site.

Either you work more for yourself and have a 60 dollar theme or hire somebody, pay more and work less.

Yes, sometimes we have to fix bugs (or wait for that to be done sooner or later by the author) and sometimes some plugins are not compatible, and yes, sometimes we just do not choose the right theme in some point of view, but if the theme does not work as described on the item page, you can always try to apply for a refund.

Yes, sometimes an author just disappears, yes, sometimes themes come and go…

Thank you for this @unlockdesign Much appreciated!

Can you possibly link me to the current Envato Support Policy too please? I’d like to have a friend take a look at it for me.

That being said, if I read it correctly, it states that theme developers are required to provide ongoing support if there are functionality faults caused by the developer/theme updates etc.

I have the developer (aka “Judy Attitudey”) giving me some grief here (I’m Vicky_TFC - my original comment (which appears to be in review now) was regarding something else so you have to expand the conversation and read from 2 weeks ago - yes, 14 days ago).

I guess one has to come to terms with the fact that customer service is a prehistoric anomaly now, but shouldn’t the developer have an obligation to provide support FOC for bugs on their end and/or the fixes that they carry out to fix those bugs?


This is Themeforest item Support Policy

Author are not responsible for customization support but he must responsible for bug fixing.
If he didn’t do that then you can give him low rating or open Envato Help Ticket and raise a dispute against him or ask for refund.

This is my opinion.