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Hi there. Don’t know exactly where to turn, the situation is following:

2 months ago I bought this theme (tona themes) When I started customizing it, I realized, there is bug in a code - footer is not showing. I submitted a ticket, they couldn’t solve my problem. Later on, when site was online (more than week ago), I sent them login info, so they can check. Nothing. I sent another ticket. Nothing. I was forced to do footer manually, which took a lot of hours (and I am still not finished). What to do? My theme comes with a support, so I really don’t understand, why they are ignoring my tickets…

Thank you


Hi @Mydee77,

Welcome to the forums! Is it possible that the theme documentation contains some instructions on how to activate the footer?

Also let me tag in @TonaTheme, as support tickets may sometimes get lost for various reasons :slight_smile:



Hello Luca,

thank you:)

I got the instruction on how to activate the footer (first ticket), but when I activate it (widgets), it still shows nothing. I tried like hundreds of things, but nothing worked. I also checked other comments under this theme and there are some comments about footer not working. So I guess there is a code problem and I wonder, why they haven’t repaired it yet…

Thanks again,


I’ve checked item comments section and there are similar reports indeed. Some authors may have had holiday break recently, but if you don’t get a solution in a timely manner and you are sure that you’ve followed author instructions fully and you can’t fix the footer problem on our own, you can:

  1. Notify Envato Help and Support about lack of theme support you paid for, or
  2. Check out Envato Market Refund Rules, and
  3. Read the Can I get a refund article.



Thank you for your fast responses, appreciate it!

I will wait for a few more days, if nothing happens, I will do as you suggested.

Thanks again,